Reinvent and automate your Business Processes

with the Bonita open source Digital Process Automation platform. Deliver automation projects rapidly and continuously and increase visibility for insights to improve your processes.

With proven experts in both software implementation and business consulting, we have what it takes to deliver your success. We deliver BPM, best practices, process improvement and change management for results, not another failed project.

Deliver automation projects fast, and continuously

Bonita enables collaboration to rapidly deliver automation projects and applications using our award winning software. CSS/NSI deliver outstanding customer experiences and value. We drive the software to perform for your processes thorugh our experience and expertise. It is well known many software projects fail, listen to our customer’s experiences below.

Bonita delivers drag-and-drop visual process design to define the fundamental business logic. CSS/NSI will create responsive user interfaces that will delight your team. We will enable your business processes, collaborate with you on how to automate them and implement them in the most effective way. At CSS/NSI we stand with you every step of the way – not just code for you. We are also RPA experts. We bring bots to automate tasks. Orchestrate interactions between humans, systems and robots with extensible and embedable open-source Bonita.

Increase visibility and gain insight to improve your processes.

When you are looking for ways to reinvent existing manual or legacy processes, you want to find those key areas for improvement quickly. Visualizing process execution is key to understanding it’s mapping and the expected results.  CSS/NSI will layout a blueprint for success for the process, business and people results you need and want to achieve.  Our next step is to work through the processes with you specifically for Bonita to identify inefficiencies, detect errors, and find process optimizations.

The end result of our team work will allow you to monitor and control your processes, applications, business data with perfect execution. You will see dramatic reductions in 

time, workflow and improved results; but, this is only step one as process improvement takes the shape of a pareto chart – the next improvements are iterative.  We can walk with you through this process or teach you the methodology through six-sigma to make continuous improvement. Further, as Bonita experts we will show you how to take advantage of AI-based analytics to predict likely case outcomes and provide alerts when processes may be facing risk that you can head off before danger hits.

Great Projects Bring Out The Best

Successful business automation also means change management – it’s never just about technology. Our consultation process is key to digital transformation success from conception through user adoption. 

We are pleased to have been assisting COPA Airlines (NYSE: CPA) in creating and implementing their mission critical Business Process Management (BPM) solution, using the Bonitasoft suite for the handling of lost luggage for each COPA branch worldwide.
Very good information, excellent structuring of contents and exhibitors that demonstrated their high level of domain expertise.
Eric P
Systems Manager, Popular Bank


Take a look at a typical scenario when it comes to harnessing the insights stemming from process data to the new tendencies as well as technologies in that realm, specifically data mining and process mining.

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Bonita is recognized by analysts as a major player of the BPM, DPA and ACM markets.

2019 Intelligent Business Process Management Magic Quadrant
2019 Software For Digital Process Automation For Deep Deployments Wave
2018 Tecknowlogy review
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